About us

InfinityDots is a group of students sharing the hobby of proposing IMO-style math problems, based in Thailand. Most of us had been in the Thai TST Camp, and several of us are IMO medalists.


talkon, and many others who wish not to be identified.

Origin story

We first formed the group to participate in the AoPS-held Ultimate Step-by-Step (Problem) Olympiad, then we realized that we all liked proposing problems. We first set out to propose our problems to our country’s national MO. (In our country, the TST Campers do not participate in the national MO.) However, that did not really work out so we decided to share our problems in a mock IMO, the first InfinityDots MO, instead. Since we received overwhemingly good feedback, InfinityDots MOs are now an annual thing (see the InfinityDots MO page), and that is what we are now known for.